Article 1 : General informations

Owner :
Tech-bases is a website created by Incensy
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Incsub, LLC
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Article 2 : Informations about the data

Product data provided on the website and sold as databases are public informations gathered for your convenience. Despite our will to provide fully accurate informations we cannot assure that 100% of the specifications are correct. Products data are only provided for reference.

Tech-bases do not own or pretend to act for any brand or distributors and respect all copyrights to the rightful owners. Our site is in no way affiliated with any company and does not claim to own any of these informations. Databases are only provided as a gathering service to list and order these informations for you.

Products specifications are provided for free on the website for individual use only. Visitors are not allowed to scrape or extract any of these data, doing so will result in an automatic and permanent ban from the site.

Article 3 : Sales and refunds

Any complete order will give you immediate access to the downloadable file. For this reason we do not offer any refund, partial or complete. Every order is definitive

Article 4 : Personal data and privicy

We do not collect any data that is not necessary to the use and improvement of this website. For the informations provided during your order, you have the right to modify or remove them at any time within your “my-account” page.
We do not sell or share any data we may have to any 3rd party. Or goal is only to share product specification.